we are three brothers 

one is older, two are younger

one is married, two are not

two are bachelors, one is not

since we were little, we produce videos together

The older one is me, Jakob.

Most people think I am the younger one, but that's not true.

I discovered my love for film and photography when we borrowed an old DSRL on vacation in the U.S. After my successful bachelors degree, I am now an independent filmproducer. I work as a ENG- and live broadcast cameraman. 

The one in the middle is me, Tobias. 

I started producing videos when I was just 13 years old. Since then I've worked with numerous companys on countless projects to develop my expertise. After finishing my bachelors degree I focused on the technical aspects of TV-productions and livebroadcasts.
Alongside of my work as a vision technician I also work as an EVS-operator and cameraman.

Thomas also has yet to write something about himself.